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Welcome to Sloopy’s Sports Cafe!


Sloopy’s is home to the Best Gourmet Pizza in the U.S.!
Established in 1995, Sloopy’s is located in beautiful downtown Lakeside, Ohio. This small pizza shop has really made it’s mark on the world! In 2003, Sloopy’s won an award that took them all the way to Italy to compete in an International Competition where they represented the United States. Sloopy’s offers a variety of gourmet and traditional pizzas along with salads, sandwiches, pasta and their signature Perfetto Sauce! There are also many new and exciting menu items to try! Sloopy’s will be staying open all year round! That’s right Sloopy’s Pizza Available All Year! There are many new exciting things happening at Sloopy’s this year! Also Sloopy’s will be delivering to the following areas: Lakeside, Danbury Township, Johnson’s Island, Marblehead, & Catawba Island!

Over the past seventeen seasons, Sloopy’s has undergone many changes. The inside of the store was completely remodeled and given a sports motif. The menu has also undergone many changes including new items and a better quality pizza. Although there have been many changes, Sloopy’s has held true to it’s founding beliefs:

Sloopy’s Mission is to provide a unique mix of quality food at reasonable prices, while always putting customer service first! Customer Service and Quality Food are our Top Priorities!

Since Sloopy’s is family run we maintain the small business atmosphere where we truly focus on meeting customer needs. The great thing about Sloopy’s is the Quality of the Pizza is NEVER Sacrificed! The price of cheese may rise like the price of gas but Sloopy’s continues to offer a GREAT tasting, cheese covered pizza, just the way you want it!



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